This is injectable testosterone which is suspended in water solvent (only water-based injectable testosterone). It was first manufactured almost 40 years ago and is considered as one of the oldest androgens available in the market. Because of the fact that it has a water base, it is readily dissolved in the blood and starts circulating in the blood in a couple of hours. The injections are sometimes quite painful however most of the athletes and bodybuilders who use it, neglect this pain and prefer to have this steroid in order to reap advantages associated with it. It produces substantial muscle gains to the extent that hundreds of powerlifting records have been achieved with Suspension’s use. It aromatizes easily and therefore results in water retention in the body.

It is also highly preferred by pre-contest bodybuilders. It is one of the very few drugs which stimulate the androgens in a smaller period of time. It provides great body mass and has been reported unbelievable in yielding last-minute strength. Some of the bodybuilders take this drug in the morning or just before the competition and report to achieve the best results and tighter muscles. The average dosage comprises 100 mg of testosterone suspension per day.

The possible side effects associated with Testosterone Suspension can be quite harsh in nature and sometimes surpass its advantages. However this does not mean that bodybuilders or athletes are not using it, they just play it safe. The side effects include easy aromatization, restraining pituitary hormone axis, increased aggression, infertility, acne, baldness, increase in sex drive, and deterioration of testicles. It can also prove to be toxic for the livers. In the long run, the drug can cause impotence or sexual dysfunction. However, these symptoms are reversible and are not reported by all individuals.