Parabolan is the most known brand name for Trenbolone or Trenabol, which is a popular non-aromatizing androgen/anabolic steroid, but it can be aromatized at a high dosage (only in some cases). The drug is considered as quite effective in building quality muscle tissue without inflating them with water, thus it is also used in cutting cycles. It can work effectively with the individual taking low or limited calorie diet, provided that the protein consumption is high. Bodybuilders who do not want to go beyond their weight class limits stack this steroid with Anavar (a low androgen steroid) which provides tremendous strength and a power cycle. The effective dosage includes 70-150 mg on a weekly basis. It is usually effective in the body for a minimum of two to four days.

Because of stronger anabolic than androgenic component, Trenbolone is not easily converted into estrogen. One using this steroid should not be concerned about gynecomastia however some other androgenic side effects can be present. Parabolan can produce extensive rigidity in the slant (or lean) individuals because of it’s androgenic characteristics. The side effects can affect kidney and blood pressure. The drug is considered as a very strong steroid and results in building very rigid and vascular appearance. Although it is the choice of thousands of athletes and pre-contest bodybuilders, it is advised to use it under strict control if you are only a beginner at bodybuilding.