Some of the best bodybuilders take steroids for many years. They do so to remain in shape in order to take part in a number of contests and sometimes they have to attend some events as guests for which to they need to look after their appearances. Because of this continuous use, some people have suffered including Mendenhall. He was one of the best bodybuilders in the entire history, but unfortunately, he overused steroids before he could actually appear for the national championship. Another person is Hill who has suffered in recent times because of the same reason. After reaching the pinnacle of success, he suddenly fell down. Demelo was another bodybuilder who was a future national competitor but he also burned out on these drugs and failed in his mission. I believe now he is struggling to come back in a more natural way. Santoriello faced a grave setback after success in his teens before returning to win the national championships. He was also faced serious effects of using too many steroids. Many professional bodybuilders and top athletes also end up in the same mess. The schedules of their contests are too busy and they cannot stop steroids cycle periods. As their success is greatly dependent on maintaining their form, steroids have become absolutely essential for them all throughout the year”.

Athletes and bodybuilders need to come off steroids because of many reasons, however, the most common reason is the health threats, which they are exposed to with their extensive use. Coming off these substances may also have many effects which makes them nervous because there is no assurance as to how the body will response to their absence after getting used to them. Some common symptoms which people face after stopping steroids use are weight and muscle loss, weakness or lowered body strength, increase in body fats, depression and lethargy, and fear of inferior performance.

One reason why the body stops manufacturing natural testosterone while using steroids is that the body faces problems adjusting to the deficiency of testosterone. Because of this reason, steroid use is commonly referred to as an “addiction”. This is why it appears more convenient to continue!! using steroids than to face the side effects. If athletes take the right measures, they can get off steroids with least side effects and not too much difference in their performance. In regard to this, they need to preserve certain things in mind:

  • Coming off steroids requires proper planning. It is not a great idea to quit suddenly as the body may enter a catabolic phase. It implies lessening of strength and muscles as well as lack of training desire.
  • Steroids should be reduced gradually for two to four weeks keeping in view the strength of the particular drug.
  • Moreover, athletes need to ensure the production levels of other kinds of hormones in their body. This can be achieved with strict use/administration of other medicines like anti-estrogen drugs, Clomid and HCG.
  • The athlete should also adjust his/ her nutrition while coming off steroids. He/she should decrease calories by one-quarter to one-third approximately over a few/several days without changing protein intake.
  • Exercising activities should also be brought down, as the body won’t be prepared for the same level of training while quitting steroid use.