Completion of the cycle is very essential and when the cycle ends, the person having the cycle do have only one little objective as to get hold of all the benefits one has while having the process of the cycle. To say a thing is much easier than to do a thing as after the cycle the hormones positions used to get change after a while. It is very sad to say but it’s a reality that after the cycle completion the hormones used to have their ways in order to produce lower amount of substances which is essential for making the proper body, whereas the excretion of catabolic substances are in larger amount, but here the person needs to make efforts to make some natural hormonal substances than the catabolic ones, it may be possible that the person does have some other plan. The process which you used to follow to produce the natural hormonal substances is typically known as the Post Cycle Therapy.

Here in this whole discussion, you would be able to find out that what actually are the anabolic hormonal substances? Which are at the low level when the cycle comes to an end and which are the catabolic substances? Which are available in higher range? After the discussion you would be expert in explaining all this, it’s not important to read the whole article but yes here in this I mentioned the dosages and recommendations which one must follow, after reading all this you can think from where I got all this, but yes! It is worth to read, as it facilitates the user to get quick recovery from the cycle. It may be possible that you guys do have read about all these things anywhere on the books but that fact is that you people are not able to have the post-cycle protocol other than from our site, and the cycle is very effective in nature and you will see the results after using it.

For you people, I am going to explain what the overall function of the body is, and how everything in it works, here I am going to explain why after the cycle the people need to have time for the natural hormonal production, how the natural function get processed after the cycle gets end but for sure I am explaining all this In a very good manner so that you guys don’t have any pain.

While puberty, the Hypothalamus used to excrete the Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone, after this the pituitary releases the Follicle Stimulating Hormone and as well as the Luteinizing Hormone after this the gonads of male get irritated by the FSH and also by the LH. The FSH is playing an essential role in two things one in producing the sperms and second is in the function of the Leydig cell. The LH facilitates the Leydig cell to secret the androgenic hormones and vice versa the androgens used to do all the making targets on the tissues in the body, and it gets attached to the specific AR, known as the androgens receptor. The molecule of steroid tends to give a particular message to the specific cell to get out and do a different thing or called something. If here we just considered the testosterone, the molecule gives a message to increase the level of nitrogen retention factor in the body, that leads you to have more and more proteins products and this would increase your intake and helps in building more good body and muscles.

The person can have good androgenic development and also anabolic development. The indication of it one can have while puberty is the hair growth in men, the growth regarding genital and the changes in voice. The subjection of androgens is with the feedback which is negative. Now very quickly review what I have mentioned above about the process so that you must remember what is being said previously to follow what I am going to tell you again. The anabolic steroids would lead to the negative loop. The testosterone should be required more for the reason of anabolic purpose. The testosterone which is injected -able leads to the negative loop and helps in stopping the natural development of testosterone. One can find the charts in different medical books that show the positive and negative loops of feedback. It needs to be noted that the androgens levels used to get increased by the anabolic steroids and stops the GNRH process, the testosterone process comes to an end by the reduction of LH. It’s very important for people to know about the Protocol of PCT.

The fact is that every good and bad activity must and used to come to their finishing part, and everyone needs to close the cycle to a certain point. When the cycle comes to its finishing part even then at that time in our bodies the androgens used to float and that facilitate not to start the normal and natural hormonal substances, and even when the androgens come to an end still at that point the natural substances takes some time to grow properly, and while the person not able to produce its own androgens then he/she may have the possibility to lose the weight. So, it’s important for the person to make some effort quickly to make the bodies’ own androgens. For the purpose of this, there is medicine by the name of SERM, as it is working as the anti-estrogens. The estrogens used to enhance body density. The cholesterol in the body could be decreased by the use of anti-estrogens. Gynocomastia could be prevented by the Nolvadex. To make your immune system good and to let it function properly the person needs to have the proper level of estrogens in the body. Nolvadex is performing great for those athletes who are using the Steroids. Nolvadex and also the Clomid both are performing different kinds of roles, as Nolvadex is considered to be the anti-estrogens, on the other side the Clomid is focused on the low level of estrogenic activities. It is suggested to the people to have Nolvadex than the use of Clomid.

The people should not use the Clomid with the Nolvadex as it would be very expensive, and the study has proved this out as well. Ask yourself that how much the person should use the dose of Nolvadex, but according to me the person should use around twenty mg in a whole day while the PCT is on the process, but in actual the person can also have the 5 mg and it is considered to be very effective and equals to the twenty mg dose so try it once you will feel the difference after it. It is good not to use the dose of Nolvadex too much to have a great increase in the production of natural hormonal substances. The high dose of Anti-estrogens should be as low because they would negatively affect the body and it’s a clear thing that the high dose of the particular compound cannot give a good and efficient result. The suggestion is to have the combination of two drugs despite having a large dose of one compound as it will not give good results, but remember the recovery of the person after the use of the two compound’s combination would be low and slow.

For the person who is willing to have the PCT, the best combination with Nolvadex is the HCG; it’s a new way of using the HCG with the Nolvadex. The most natural desire by the people in PCT is HCG so try to go for it and will see the interesting results. HCG is the type of hormone which used to be produced by the embryo in the pregnant women and after the pregnancy used to handle the hormones carefully. The substance name which is there to stimulate the various gonads is the HCG. Nolvadex is used to produce a large amount of testosterone and facilitate in stimulating the LH and also the FSH.

Estrogens and testosterone could be increased easily by the HCG. The estrogens are also a good player while the synthesis of testosterone. Estrogens are also related to the negative loop. The men having very low LH here, in this case, the HCG would be able to work in a good way. The people must stop to use the HCG when started all the normal functions. If will not stop to use the HCG then we will not be able to produce natural substances and get quick recovery. If the person using Nolvadex and only used to have the HCG then the gonadotropins would be low enough. While having the PCT, with HCG the vitamins E will work well and give good effects to the body. With Nolvadex, the person would not be using the Letrozole and also not able to use the Arimidex.

To convert the receptors of estrogens very useless then the person needs to have the Aromasin while having the PCT the person moods could be elevated by the use of Aromasin. The eighty-five % of all the estrogens could be removed from your body if you use this medicine while the PCT process. The PCT which I have explained you to follow will help you to produce natural hormonal substances and let you come to the normal baseline of your production process. After the PCT, there would be an increase in LH, HCG, etc. The above-mentioned discussion is just for the restorations of the person’s natural hormonal substances so just follow and the guidelines which are important while having the above PCT. Do, follow the below-mentioned dosages for the PCT: like

For 1 to 6 week, every day the person should have the twenty mg Nolvadex, 3 days HCG of amount 500 IU per day. Should take Aromasin 4 days but the quantity should be 20 mg and vitamin E should be taken 3 days and the quantity should be 1000iu.