The anabolic steroids are being used by the people to increase the level of performance. But it is for sure that these steroids used to affect the state of optimistic mental state of the person. It has been observed that the men used to have these steroids to look strong and big, their girlfriend used to say that we feel very much secure with these big guys as we feel that they can easily protect us. The people who used to take the steroids say that in crowd we feel as other men look us with respect as we can have and bear pains.

Mediocre genetics could easily be removed from the use of anabolic steroids. The training is required to have the steroids as this is not very easy top use. Mostly the men start using these steroids at the age of twenty eight and more than twenty four. The men used these steroids just to be the competitors of the big lifters, mostly also take these as they want to lift and have the passion of doing weight lifting. For good weight lifting the men needs to have 18.5 inches of arm and these anabolic steroids helps in breaking barriers of 16.5 inches. The use of steroids facilitates the men in developing and growing the ideal body for the Olympics.

There was a person who said, that I always wanted to be big and huge to lift, he said I joined the gym but never able to weigh just because of my size, every day when I sleep I used to thought that in the morning I would be big enough but when ever I got up I was the same, that frustrated me, but after the use of anabolic steroids, I started growing very fastly, my dream has been converted into reality, now I would be among those heavy lifters which used to be in the gym when I can weigh at that time. I never took the steroids to weigh only but also to build my small body into the big one.

Anabolic steroids let the men to be as big as they could be, one can easily increase the performance level by using the steroids but it is to be mentioned here that these steroids also makes the person shows the performance which the other can’t show. The anabolic steroids helps in taking the pride among those who are small and not like hunks, it’s a common perception that people get afraid from the big and massive type of people.

In studies the Anabolic steroids used to give help to the students, the person says that now after taking the steroids he can learn more about the literature related to the medical studies, and know the full human body on the finger tips and its communication with the AS and vitamins and including supplements.

The Anabolic steroids are also very helpful in healing all the body problems, like the person used to have the pain in the shoulders, in the arms, in the knees and not able to work out properly but after the use of anabolic steroids the person was able to do what he wants to do very easily. But now that person wants to go for long time workouts and love to be in the games which he used to play before.

Anabolic steroids facilitates the person to pay the rent in the past, the ABC person was not able to pay the rent when he was not having any job but after the use of anabolic steroids the person used to help the friends who were also sharing the same dream and was working up to an extreme and now he is at the position to pay the rents in time. According to that person the anabolic steroid is a legal thing and not included in the illegal product.

There was a person XYZ, who was having great problem while walking that needs to have proper therapy, the person never wanted to go to the gym, and never wants to spend a large amount of money but after the use of the anabolic steroids, that person never thought second time to go as he was the first one to visit the gym.

There was one person who said that anabolic steroids are at number 2 for me but actually makes the person number one in the society, I always wanted to be with those who love me and my six packs, and I always wanted to be those who love me for that, he said that many strippers like the chest of mine.

A person said that I first started taking these anabolic steroids when a girl laughed on me, in the past I was very fat, when I asked her to go with me on a date, she insulted me and laughed me in front of large number of people, at that time I feel that I am nothing and I want to die at that time, I went home and my mother asked me, I told her everything, then after all that she said dear! You need to accept this as you are overweight, then I decided to take these steroids and body building and now I think not to face the losers’ positions in the life try to fight those. And as I know the after effects of it but even then I feel that when I die then I could be in the position that I have done all the things the way I want to be.