It is very much clear that the steroids are having side effects and also the anabolic steroids have some negative effects for the body after using them. It should be clear to you that there is no concept of perfection in the case of steroids as no steroid is perfect for the human body. All the steroids effect the body and used to have side affects in them so don’t ever get confused between a perfect steroid or a steroid with negative effects as they used to effect in different forms.

It is obvious that every treatment must have some effects means to say negative like the steroids are having, here are some of the effects which are usually faced by the athletes so one can have an overview of the effects:

For the body, the hormones balance is very essential and after taking the steroids the balance could get disturbed, and by using it one can face the lack of production of proper hormones in the boy. The athlete can have the proper flow in the production of hormones when the athlete just starts stopping the use of steroids.

The liver is a very essential inner body part but there are many chances that it can get disturbed by taking the steroids orally. The excretion of enzymes increases after taking the oral steroids and this excretion shows the activity in the liver. This type of excretion is a symbol that your liver is having a negative effect from the steroids, and research says that if you stop taking these steroids then the liver function could be normal.

The cholesterol level is very necessary to be maintained properly and the steroids are the main cause that causes the negative effects on the level of cholesterol. It is very common that the athletes which used to take steroids have to face the increase level of cholesterol which is bad and low level of good cholesterol. Cardiovascular problems are very common among those athletes who used to take the anabolic steroids.

The use of anabolic steroid results the breast tissues of female like in males and the females which are using these steroids have the chances to develop the characteristics of male tissues. The level of es-trogen is the result of anabolic steroid.

The acne is a common problem among those athletes who used to take the anabolic steroids; the extreme of acne depends upon the number of steroids taken.

There is a very rare side effect means aggressiveness which is caused by taking the anabolic steroids, and the survey shows that this type of effect is more in those who suffered from extreme aggressiveness when they started taking the steroid.

The steroids is very bad for the growing bodies as these are the one through which the growth could be stopped and the most drastic result is that after stopping the use of it, one growth could not be resumed.

The internal organs could easily be affected by the steroids as these effects the immune system, causes kidney issues, leads to blood pressure, etc.

By the use of steroids the sterility can happen as there used to be the changes in the hormones after using the steroids. But the hormones would be in the proper flow after the treatment of hormones.

It is very important that the positive and negative effects of steroids are very important to know, before using the steroids it is essential to have research on these.