Testosterone Cypionate liver toxicity is considered low, except in high dosages. Cypionate will convert to DHT and severely decrease HPTA function. (when testosterone cypionate is employed alone, 28 days of administration results in near-total HPTA shut-down).

Testosterone Cypionate is an oil-based injectable anabolic steroid which is both highly androgenic and anabolic in nature. It aromatizes readily which may cause water retention (will give bulky look). The bodybuilders who are increasing their muscle mass are usually stacking it with other bulking steroids. Cypionate is considered stronger than Enanthate and is taken to achieve substantial gains in muscle development. It is also less harmful to the liver and the typical side effects include making interruption in the endogenous production of the testosterone, water retention, baldness, acne, etc. The substance remains active in the body for almost seven days. and is manufactured under the brand name of Depo-Testosterone and other similar names.

The usual dosage of Testosterone Cypionate is somewhere in the range of 200-600 mg per week. It is quite difficult to obtain it, however lately a version from Asia Pharma called Cypiobolic is getting very popular and it’s easy to obtain one from overseas. Obtaining the older version is also quite easy from the U.S. black market. The older version is Sten (easily available in Mexico) which comprises of 75 mg of cypionate and 25 mg of propionate with some quantity of DHEA. Another high-quality version of this steroid is Testex which comprises of 250mg cypionate and it is the most widely used version in Europe, however, the imitated versions can be easily found in the market. The real one can be identified by recognizing an ink stamped in the box and keeping in mind the fact that the label cannot be detached from the bottle.